THE CONVEYANCING PROCESS (What our legal team do for you)

Searches are prepared on the property you wish to buy to ensure that it is free from any encumbrances which may cause you a problem at a later date and check that the person selling the property is legally entitled to do so.

Present Owners are contacted on your behalf to ensure that the purchase goes smoothly and deal with any issues that may arise and cause issues on the day of completion. Also, all documentation such as inventories of furniture and insurance certificates etc are sought directly.

Utility Bills and Community Fees Our legal team will change the owners details with these outstanding companies and organisations and ensure that your new direct debits and contracts are in place so as to ensure there is no disruption to the supply of services.

Title Deed Registration is carried out on your behalf, making sure that the title to the property is safely and securely in your name at the end of the process

Payment of Taxes is carried out on your behalf ensuring you have no unexpected tax issues at a later date

Mortgage or Finance Applications can be carried out on your behalf

Private Contracts are drafted by our legal team, according to all applicable legal requirements and fully mindful of protecting our clients interests.

Notary Visits  are accompanied by one of our legal team who will also provide translation of the legal documentation (A Power of Attorney service is also available at extra cost which will enable our legal team to complete a purchase on your behalf, in your absence).

Constant Ongoing Assistance is offered by our very experienced legal team to ensure that your purchase is as smooth and trouble free as possible, answering any questions and fixing any issues as they arise to give you complete peace of mind.